About me

Hello, my friend:

I am Mingkai Cao, graduate student majoring CS at USC, on the road to be a full stack engineer

  • like trying different techs, Full Stack,Machine Learning,Block Chain
  • like cooking and lifting weights
  • have full stack development experience MEA/RN stack and LAMP stack
  • have SDE internship experience
    • Developed Admin panels & dashboard for internal and external users, supporting 3-level privileged access;
    • Migrated legacy PHP website to React, Gatsby.js, Sass and Node.js
    • Developed a full stack E-commerce application on Shopify platform

  1. Programming Language:
    • Java JavaScript ES6 Python PHP
  2. Web Development:
    • React Redux Node.js Express Sass Mocha Gatsby.js Polyfill.io Material-UI antd Liquid
  3. Database:
    • MySQL MongoDB PostgreSQL Redis RabbitMQ
  4. Security:
    • OAuth2.0 Passport.js JWT HTTPS
  5. Tools & Platforms:
    • Shell Git Docker Jenkins webpack D3.js Postman Jira mockAPI GCP AWS Shopify